Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

  USA, Philadelphia
Year Program Started
Curriculum Model
Coursework, Dissertation, Qualitative Research Study, Quantitative Research Study, Integrative Paper, Consulting and Research Projects
Curriculum Description
Degree requires 15 courses each valued at 3 credits for which 10 are core/required and 5 are electives. Of the 15 courses, 11 are conceptual and project-based courses, 2 are synthesis, integrative, pre-dissertation courses, and 2 are the dissertation courses (proposal then delivery).
Thesis Requirements
Following completion of the 2 synthesis/intergrative/pre-dissertation courses which includes a candidacy requirement, all students are required to propose, complete and defend a dissertation or capstone. This takes between 1 and 3 years.
Cohort Profile
We currently have 54 students; we admit approximately 20 people per year: 10 in spring and 10 in fall; all entering students must have at least one master degree in any domain (35% hold MBA and 65% hold other degrees); 10% have also earned a doctorate (PhD, EdD, etc.); average entering age is 45 years; 40% women and 60% men; 80% are domestic and 20% international; all are working professionals, most are mid-career and senior leaders with approximately 15-20 years experience; 80% study part-time (1-5 courses per year) and 20% (mostly international) are full-time (5 or more courses per year)
Program Description
We are a degree program and an educational consultancy which engages in strategic planning, new business model development, leadership research, process and program design, and other strategic leadership project challenges. All students receive executive leadership coaching, communication and presentation coaching, and research coaching from admission to graduation
Application requirements
Application form, CV, 2 essays, 3 letters of recommendation, all transcripts (master degree required), interview, 40 USD application fee.