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Here you may find our brand guide, logo and other graphic material.
New: The Future of the Global DBA Market Survey Results
The future of DBA Market: Perceptions of Business Schools
EDBAC has two logos, one main logo and one secondary logo, both with positive and negative alternatives. It is primarily the main logo which is to be used, but where EDBAC is not self-explanatory the secondary logo should be used. It must be taken into consideration that the typography of the secondary logo does not have the same visibility on all backgrounds and in all sizes. The logo of EDBAC must under no circumstances be altered or changed to create own variations. It is not e.g., to be used in italic, mirrored etc. The logo is only to be used in accordance with the brand guide.
Brochure for Ads 2024
EDBAC is happy to offer its member organisations the opportunity to promote themselves on the EDBAC website through ads, which link to the respective institution. This is a great opportunity for member organisations to market- and promote themselves as members of EDBAC - while promoting their programmes and institutions to e.g. prospective students.
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Photo of the President
Photo of the President, for publications relating to EDBAC. All usage must be approved by EDBAC, and requests for such approvals may be sent to contact@executivedba.org.
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: contact@executivedba.org.