University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business

Year Program Started
Curriculum Model
Coursework and Dissertation
Curriculum Description
10.5 credits of Methodology Core seminars; 22.5 credits of Disciplinary Core Seminars; 9 credits of Practicum Research Project (PRP)
Thesis Requirements
Students will complete a 9-credit Practicum Research Project (PRP) addressing a practice-oriented problem in their industry using rigorous techniques. The PRP should be completed within 3 years of entering program. May extend time as needed subject to university statute.
Program Description
The University of Pittsburgh, whose online MBA program is ranked #7 overall in the US by Fortune, is now offering an Executive DBA program (EDBA) that can either be completely taken online or in a hybrid format. Faculty members teaching in the program are highly recognized in their fields of study and many are chaired research professors. This innovative and transformative 3-year program is targeted at individuals who wish to be intellectually challenged and to prepare themselves to excel in their careers at their current employer or to pivot to a new career in industry, government, consulting, or teaching. The University of Pittsburgh Executive DBA should be attractive to those wishing to expand their education while interacting with world-class faculty and other motivated, intelligent EDBA students.
Application requirements
Masters degree not required. Those with masters degree gain an exemption of 30 units allowing award of the DBA degree upon completion of 42 units of DBA coursework (33 units of DBA seminars plus 9 units of disserattion